Hey luvs I can do a custom nail set or sets to your liking however, the following is expected in a custom nail set:

1- YOUR NAIL SIZE, If you are unsure of your nail size I have a NAIL SIZING KIT available  for purchase to help find your exact size. If your nail size is the sizing of; Small, Medium, or Large, then you can write in that you are one of the selected sizes. 

2- PRICING, Custom or not my pricing is the same as the nail sets found on ModelbabyNails. The price range is from $12.00- $50.00. (Based on usage of  Rhinestones and or Decals.

3-THE NAIL SET, The nail set you have in mind must have as much detail as possible, photos help in giving me a true visual in what you are looking for/want. *At the moment the only nail shapes I have available are Long & Short Coffin*

4-WHEN, The best way for you to get your custom nail set quickly is by; putting in all your nail information 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCED!!! For example send in your nail size, nail set design or look that you have in mind, and shape.