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Affordable handcrafted Press-on Nails

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Size Guide


Step(1):Start off with freshly cleaned nails that have been removed of any dirt,oils, or nail polish. Step(2):Push back cuticles with cuticle pusher then trim around the natural nail. Step(3):Take nail file and buff the natural nail removing any shine, Then take an alcohol wipe or nail polish remover to wipe away the nail dust.


(USING GLUE TABS): Step(1):Select the double sided tab that fits to your nail, and pick it up with the opposite end of your cuticle pusher(or use tweezers) to avoid touching the adhesive, Then place on natural nail. Step(2):Apply press-on onto the nail holding down for 25 seconds. DURATION:7-10 days (May last longer based on proper application and care.)


(USING NAIL GLUE):Step(1):Apply a small bead of nail glue inside the press on, then apply a small bead of glue on the center of the natural nail. Step(2): Wait 15 seconds before applying press-on onto natural nail. Next hold down press-on for 30-35 seconds. 

Removal of Press-ons


Step(1):Soak nails in warm/hot soapy water for 25-30 minutes,giving the adhesive time to no long be sticky.Step(2): Take cuticle pusher and gently run it along the side of the press-on until it pops off. 


REMOVAL USING NAIL GLUE:Step(1):Soak nails in warm/hot soapy water for 25-30 minutes. Step(2):Remove nails from soapy water and apply cuticle oil or coconut oil around the nails, Then Repeat until nails start to loosen. Step(3):Take cuticle pusher and gently run it along the side of the press-on until it pops off.
Step(4):Removing glue from natural nail, Buff nails with nail file then wipe away nail dust with nail polish remover. Repeat until fully removed from natural nails.